The West Midlands Health and Wellbeing Innovation Network will focus on finding businesses that solve five key challenge areas that have been defined by Challenge Owners within the University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire. Each Challenge Area could have multiple solutions and businesses could pivot existing products to meet the criteria of the challenge. Businesses that apply for the programme will be guided through a product development exercise to meet the requirements of the challenges in collaboration with the Challenge Owners, University of Warwick Innovation Team and Bruntwood SciTech Innovation Team.

See below our first two challenges and some of the latest developments.

Challenge 1 – Waste Management

How might we ensure patient and staff safety and comfort by monitoring and responding to levels of waste across the hospital?   

We were looking for solutions that:

  • Enable the location tracking and capacity management of clinical waste such as sharps bins.
    • For Example Sensor systems that monitor and report capacity and location
  • Gathers data related clinical waste management and applies predictive analytics to inform optimisation
    • For Example Machine Learning models to proactively predict and manage capacity

We recently talked to Dr Ali Bahsoun, MediShout, to find out how the programme is helping to solve real-world problems.

Challenge 2 – Moving People and Equipment

How might we ensure staff are in the right location with the right equipment to better serve our patients?

We were looking for solutions that:

  • Enable dynamic response equipment movement
    • For Example Smart logistics solutions
  • Enable predictive scheduling and route management for people movement
    • For Example Rideshare or dynamic transport solutions

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