The Deep Tech Innovation Centre was established to create more investable companies, attract more talent and make the Midlands a vibrant centre of innovation.

Our mission at the University of Warwick is to inspire, educate and incubate. The Deep Tech Incubator supports aspiring deep tech founders, who want to create a sustainable business built on data science, artificial intelligence, or emerging technologies. Working with founders at all stages of their entrepreneurship journey.

Our aim is to help you to validate your ideas, develop your business plan and access networks of experts and investors in the Warwick Innovation District ecosystem.

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We chatted to Sandeep Konduru, founder and CEO of Remcare about how the incubator was crucial for helping to raise capital.

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Why did you apply to the incubator?

As a clinician I knew a lot about my subject, about the clinical pathways, but on the business side of things, there was a lot of knowledge I needed to gain.

It was important for us to join an incubator program, and an accelerator program, to get the other aspects of running a business – The finance side of things, about the marketing, raising money, and having a safe environment, where we can discuss with the Minerva Network in terms of: how to pitch, how to value a company, and all these things are very very important in terms of filling up the knowledge gaps, so that we can successfully go on to raise capital.

What were the key takeaways?

Regardless of which sector you’re in, I think the program has such a wide network, and they can connect you with any sort of service, or any person you need to speak to, to help with various aspects of the business.

So it has been a huge help in networking, building your contacts, so that you know who to ask. You have to be hugely ambitious, there will be setbacks and resilience, perseverance is the most important thing.

What advice would you offer other start-ups?

If you really love this idea, it will be a joy, no matter what hurdles come in the way.

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