Innovation takes centre stage in the heart of University of Warwick campus

If you haven’t heard – The Junction Building, formerly Warwick Sports Centre has a new lease of life. The building has long been associated with sports, rivalries, winners, losers and liniment, but that has all changed.

Now home to the Innovation Group, the Postgraduate Hub, and the beating heart of Warwick Innovation District – Junction is a space where inspiring minds come together and great ideas are born.

Last week the building entered the final stages of it’s makeover, with 20 foot high images of entrepreneurs, educated at Warwick, being draped over the sides of the building, with the aim to inspire, educate and incubate. Check out the photos below.

What is Warwick Innovation District?

We’re helping to develop innovation in the region.

Inspire – Inspiring creators, technologists and humanitarians to find their way to make a better world.

Educate – Delivering education to put entrepreneurial power in everyone’s hands. 

Incubate – Empowering entrepreneurs and leaders to start, grow and pivot their businesses, building a sustainable economic future. 

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Photo – The Start-up Salon – bringing together like minded innovators to inspire change.

How about joining us?

You could make a huge difference! Whether it’s mentoring, sharing your knowledge and expertise. Or if you require business support, a mentor, space, or meeting like minded entrepreneurs, to help get your innovative ideas off the ground…

We are building a community to help start, scale and pivot businesses. Our passion is to see our region prosper.

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