Important changes to our database of Mentors and Experts

If you’re a registered user with the Warwick Innovation District online platform, whether that’s as a Mentor, or an Expert, or you applied for mentorship, we are pleased to notify you we will soon be moving to a new exciting online innovation space. More details of this to follow!

While we work our magic to get this new space ready, we’d like to check if you would like to join us, along with your registered details on the new online platform.

Remember we’re helping to develop innovation in the region and you could make a huge difference! Whether it’s mentoring, sharing your expertise. Or if you require a mentor or support, this new online community will be an exciting place to grow.

Please tell us, in the form below, whether you would like to be included on our database or be removed.


If you are not on our database and would like to inspire the next generation, then please use the form above and we’ll be in touch very soon!

If you have any questions, please contact