Business Networking vol.4: Foundations of Social Enterprise

Start a Social Enterprise today – Expert advice followed by networking with like-minded humans who share your vision for a better world.

We talked to Peter Patoshko, Social Entrepreneur in residence, University of Warwick about this month’s event.

Watch the interview below:

Peter Ptashko interview

Read the interview below:

Tell us about the event? Peter: On the evening of the 26th July, we have this exciting networking event, which is actually going to double as a workshop.

So, we’ll be delivering a workshop on An Introduction to Social Enterprise, and social entrepreneurship; which is the work that I do in my day job, and with University of Warwick. And as part of that, exploring concepts, theory, case studies and examples.

Then as we move through the evening we’ll focus very much on networking and who’s in the room – It’s going to be a really exciting audience on the night.

What exactly is a Social Enterprise? Peter: What I refer to it now is – a sustainable platform for doing good.

Again at University here at Warwick, my experience was there was so much interesting stuff going, and charitable work, but a lot of it didn’t have a strong legacy – so that impact did not continue beyond the given academic year It was happening in.

It would fall off a cliff, whereas the beauty of Social Enterprise is that the impact is invested in, is supported by the financial progress of the business itself. So if you make money, you reinvest that back into the social impact, and you can do more good that way.

What can we expect from the event? Peter: We’ll have some content around Social Enterprise, what is it, why is it important in 2023, and how is Warwick doing it well. We’ll have a few talking heads as well, from
inside the institution, we may have an entrepreneur speaking on the night – Saying a bit more
about the opportunities, funding and support available within the University of Warwick ecosystem.

Who should attend this event ? Peter: Whether you’re early stage, you’ve just got an idea, you’ve thought about Social Enterprise, or you want to make an impact – all the way through to somebody with a business they’re looking to scale, or gain investment in. There should be something for everyone on the evening.

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