Welcome to The UHUK Innovation Programme Demo Day home page. The Demo Day, held on August 9th 2023, featured innovative solutions that were co-created with UHUK members to transform the urgent health landscape.

Demo Day Reflections Video

Meet our Cohort 1 Programme Participants

Medwise AI – an AI-powered, fully customisable search platform that enables healthcare professionals to quickly find actionable answers at the point of care. Medwise AI can be used in any clinical environment to improve productivity and increase the adoption of clinical best practice.

Islacare – a comprehensive solution supporting remote medicine and managing patient data securely, for all specialties to provide clinicians with an at-a-glance view of a patient’s condition and progress using photos, videos, sound recordings and structured forms.

inicio health – a clinically lead, patient centred company, designed to bring access to digital health capabilities and expertise across health systems.

Ummanu Health an intelligent automation platform for healthcare providers who want to improve their efficiencies in delivering remote consultations.

What is the UHUK Innovation Programme?

UHUK is a partnership of non-profit and social enterprise healthcare providers serving over 55% of the UK population. Our members provide a diverse range of system critical Urgent Primary Care services.

The UHUK Innovation Programme is a first of a kind partnership with University of Warwick West Midlands Health and Wellbeing Innovation Network to deliver innovation in urgent Health. The programme convenes innovators with urgent health challenge solutions to concrete products and services rapidly with UHUK members.

UHUK CEO Conor Burke: Programme Overview

This Programme’s Challenges:

  1. Create ways to share information to improve urgent health call handling time and improve pathways assessments
  2. Provide symptom specific worsening advice to both patients and other healthcare services to save time, improve safety and reduce inappropriate re-attendance to services.
  3. Improve patients expectation by providing access to queue management and coordination information.


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