Providing a bespoke deep tech training programme

Pre-CURe is a 6-week ICURe-inspired programme designed to train students, researchers, staff, alumni, local businesses and other Warwick pioneers in technology entrepreneurship and to support them in building ventures, whilst continuing to work for their degrees, job or business. It is a venture builder that creates investable deep tech startups supported by the UK’s top research. We provide the space and opportunity to empower pioneers to explore entrepreneurship as a viable and exciting career choice and accelerate the growth of their start-ups.​

Our pioneers get access to leading university resources, and fantastic networks of mentors and investors who join them early on their journey. We’re de-risking very exciting technologies which have enormous potential to change the world for the better.​

Our unique process and resources have been designed to fit the intensive schedules of our pioneers. We provide a bespoke deep tech training programme, team-building, programmatic business and technology coaching, mentoring by leading deep tech and industry experts, engagement with client organisations, and connections to technology investors.