We support industry in finding and harnessing talent from Warwick’s student and graduate population.

Providing student work in digital and creative industries benefits both students and businesses. Students gain hands-on experience, build portfolios, and prepare for careers, while companies gain fresh ideas, talent, and perspectives. Both invest in the future of the industry and support the growth of the next generation of creative and digital professionals.

We also have access to a diverse network of industry contacts and freelancers – contact us to find out how we can connect you to new opportunities.

One of the most amazing and fantastic experiences I’ve had.

Esohe Williams, Summer Internship with Common Story

Types of Work Experience

The format of work experience arrangements vary according to type of work, duration, student availability and your needs.

We support businesses looking for talent, space and finance weekly through the Mill Street Exchange. The Exchange runs at 1 Mill Street every Thursday between 10am-2pm.

Drop in to the Exchange (no need to book) and talk to us about how we can help, or read through the options below and contact us to find out more.


A structured, pre-defined period of work, with agreed goals and objectives, which sits outside of studies. It will meet the student’s career development needs by providing relevant professional experience, and will align with your business needs, although internships are not a replacement for sustainable resourcing practices.


Work experience that forms a recognised part of an academic degree course, where the student will often undertake an assignment, progress reports or other learning activities in addition to the tasks they perform for you as part of their role.

Project Work and Consultancy

A discrete project that sees you partnering with the University to solve a problem, undertake research or explore a business decision, based on the University’s capacity to contribute research or expertise.

These projects are often either part of a course, or linked to the broader research activities of the University.

Casual Work

Many students work part-time, completely unrelated to their studies (e.g. to support themselves). Temporary and part-time staff can be crucial for meeting your immediate business needs, but they can also be a high-potential member of your team, a fresh set of skills, a development opportunity for colleagues, or a way to build relationships with student cohorts.


Creative Freelancers

Freelancers are a hugely important and valuable part of Coventry and Warwickshire’s creative eco-system.

Whilst serving as co-chair of CWLEP’s Digital Creative Business Group Clare Green worked to identify ‘freelancer support’ as a priority area for its programme of work to assist with the recovery and growth of the creative sector post-pandemic. More information on the pilot project can be found here.

If you are a freelancer and are looking for support, book a discovery call with Clare or contact us below.

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