The University of Warwick is a powerhouse of world-leading research, expertise and impact. Our goal is to ensure this work is relevant, impactful, and of practical use to local and regional communities.

We provide a platform for cross-disciplinary exchange between the University of Warwick and Leamington Spa’s creative and digital industries. Leamington Spa is home to the UK’s largest creative cluster outside London. This vibrant and innovative community is driving progress and growth in the arts, design, and digital media industries. A strong sense of community and commitment to collaboration and experimentation make it a unique hub for creativity and innovation.

Our location at 1 Mill Street gives us a direct connection to the people we help. Find out more about how we support Leamington Spa’s businesses and communities:

Mill Street Exchange

The Mill Street Exchange is a collaboration between the University of Warwick, Warwickshire County Council, and 1 Mill Street.

Every Thursday from 10am-2pm, a member of the Exchange is on hand to offer no-nonsense business advice on finding the right talent, accessing finance and grants and gaining space.

Since April 2022, we have helped over 100 businesses with 170 enquiries. This service is open to any business in the local area as well as Mill Street members.

Extremely helpful … my colleague and I were grateful for the well-informed help.

Samantha Elvyhart, Pathways Psychotherapy

A very encouraging and informative visit, which resulted in so much help I am struggling to keep up.

Chantal Meystre, Omega Course

Placemaking Work

From our base in central Leamington Spa, we have led innovative and placemaking activities such as;

  • Delivering business support directly to the community
  • Using 5G to operate games and esports centre with EE hubs in the iconic Pump Rooms building
  • Community driven activity for 11 days as part of Culture Fest during the Commonwealth Games
  • Research and Development funding for small businesses
  • Challenge funding to respond to societal issues.

Community Challenge

Creative Futures is keen to engage and support projects that address societal issues through collaboration with experts and local communities, testing new ideas and finding digital solutions.

Through our Community Challenge fund, we aim to support scalable solutions and act as a catalyst for social entrepreneurship while building capacity for larger funding bids. Every year, we will run a pilot project with community groups, academics or early career researchers and industry partners that seeks to create change and impact a community in need. If you are interested in this activity, please email the team on


Engage with us at 1 Mill Street

Whether you need support with knowledge exchange, a versatile event venue, or a connection to local industry, find out what Creative Futures can do for you below.

Contact us to discuss how to connect.

Mill Street Tours

30 minute tours of the building, every Monday and Friday.

Book here.

Support SMEs

Come and deliver 1:1 sessions or workshops for our community of SMEs

Business Partnerships

Build relationships to aid research, collaboration and knowledge exchange.


Connect with your courses, promote events and opportunities such as jobs, placements and challenges for students.


Available to Warwick colleagues as part of our partnership;

  • Urban Garden: 1 Mill Street’s flexible indoor venue is available for University of Warwick staff to book.
  • Coffee House: Great venue for informal meetings with colleagues and guests.
  • Meeting Rooms: Suitable for 8-12 people, at a discounted rate of £20 per hour.
  • Podcast Studio: Hire the recording studio at the Mill Street members rate, £50 per hour.
  • Phone Booths: Quiet spaces for video calls and meetings. Booking is essential, contact the team to request access to any of the above.

Contact Us

Let us know how we can help you connect the University of Warwick and our networks in Leamington Spa and the wider West Midlands.