The West Midlands Health and Wellbeing Innovation Network create collaborations between innovators and the healthcare industry to solve problems at speed. 

Our latest programme partnered with UHUK (formerly Urgent Health UK) to form the UHUK Innovation Programme. It saw us bring together stakeholders from across the industry to truly disrupt the status quo through our unique approach to forming collaborations based on tangible value exchange. 

The innovators participating in the programme excelled through their attitude towards collaborative product development and open innovation.

Meet some of the participants and what they had to say about the programme:

Watch the Islacare interview


See health differently. Meet Islacare – a comprehensive solution supporting remote medicine and managing patient data securely, for all specialties to provide clinicians with an at-a-glance view of a patient’s condition and progress using photos, videos, sound recordings and structured forms.

Their aim?
Isla are helping UHUK members solve the challenge of providing patients with symptom specific worsening advice. Their solution is applicable across several areas and they are already collaborating with multiple innovators on the programme to provide a comprehensive solution.

Listen to Product Manager Tasha Watmore and Technical Programme Manager Lana Abou Rafeh speak on the benefits of Islacare across the board.

Medwise AI

Medwise AI – an AI-powered, fully customisable search platform that enables healthcare professionals to quickly find actionable answers at the point of care. Medwise AI can be used in any clinical environment to improve productivity and increase the adoption of clinical best practice.

Their aim?
To help clinicians quickly find accurate information at the point of care and work with other programme partners to deliver this information to patients.

Listen to Co-founder Dr. Keith Tsui explain his backstory – solving the challenge of information overload for clinicians using artificial intelligence.

Watch the Medwise AI interview
Watch the ummanu interview

ummanu Health

ummanu Health – are an intelligent automation platform for healthcare providers who want to improve their efficiencies in delivering remote consultations.

Their aim?
To increase clinician productivity and free up more time to care by; enabling 111 call handling triage and analytics and delivering patient information.

Listen to their General Manager, Russell Blackmore give an interesting insight into the great work they do.

inicio Health

Meet inicio health – a clinically lead, patient centred company, designed to bring access to digital health capabilities and expertise across health systems.

Their aim?
Explore how their Flight deck product can enable retrospective analysis and efficient note taking, sentiment analysis and data handling during telemedicine consultations.

Listen to their Founder and CEO, James Davis speak about collaboration and who they’re building these solutions for.

Watch the inicio interview

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