ICURe Explore applications are now open!

A 16 week full-time programme with up to £35,000 funding available.

For Researchers: If you are a researcher with an idea, this programme is designed to help you through the process of defining your proposition and testing it with your prospective target markets.

For Industry: ICURe Explore is an ideal access point to some of the UK’s leading innovation. Supporting a range of innovation themes, we provides SMEs and corporations with an opportunity to evaluate the commercial potential for cutting-edge research.

For Investors: ICURe Explore provides investors with an insight into the latest innovation, while it is still at an early stage of development. ICURe can keep you informed on developments in your portfolio area.

What is ICURe Explore?

ICURe Explore is a pre-accelerator programme for researchers. This programme is designed to help explore the commercial application and potential of UK research.

Within the ICURe Explore programme, we have developed a range of funding and commercialisation training with industry experts, and this is delivered via our 4 key programmes; ICURe Engage, ICURe Discover, ICURe Explore and ICURe Exploit.

Why Attend?

ICURe has engaged with over 500 teams nationwide. We have delivery partners, business advisors, and support networks in place which will provide an excellent basis for new businesses. As part of the ICURe journey, you will leverage this combined experience and capability to discover the potential of your ideas, and put them into practice in the real world.

Applications close on 19th September, apply today!

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