We talked to businesses helping to drive innovation within the healthcare sector.

The UHUK Innovation Programme, partnered with the West Midlands Health & Wellbeing Innovation Network at the University of Warwick, is a fantastic opportunity for innovators who have solutions to urgent health challenges to validate their products and services, larger businesses to explore how their innovations or infrastructure could enable the members to achieve their goals and data scientists to work with meaningful and real-time data feeds.

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Conor: UHUK have decided to work and create a new innovation program. We believe it’s the first-of-a-kind where a group of providers have come together across the UK nationally, to be able to co-invest in creating new innovative solutions that are going to improve patient experience, quality and make us more effective at what we do.

James: We’re excited to be part of this program and think we’ll benefit because we truly believe that we don’t have all the answers, we would be arrogant to think we have the entirety of the picture. So the program will give us great access to experts; both in Industry, as well as in health. But also exposure to other organisations that are at the forefront of this field – they’re trying to solve the same problems that we are.

Tasha: Being able to chat to the UHUK managers, like yesterday and today, and really delve into the problems that they’re trying to solve, and really zoom out, understand their process, so we can provide solutions that actually solve their real problems, rather than coming in and having a band-aid fix for something, that we aren’t super close to. I think that something that’s really important for us at Isla is that we co-develop and we get that clinical validation as well, and so we’re really excited to get that opportunity to do that in the space too.

Keith: I think to drive innovation in health, because health is such a complex system, you really need to engage with multiple stakeholders – So, for example, within urgent health we’ve engaged with the providers organisations, but we’re also really keen to talk to both clinicians and patients as well. To understand what their experiences, what their expectations are.

Russell: My dream, if we do this well, is patience and behind patients clinicians and their administration teams, that support them – and if we do a good job then obviously the businesses benefit too. But business success in this market comes by driving success for patients and clinicians and that should be our focus.

For more about UHUK click here: https://www.urgenthealthuk.com/

For more about the West Midlands Health & Wellbeing Innovation Network click here: https://warwickinnovationdistrict.com/west-midlands-health-and-wellbeing-innovation-network/