Understand and reduce your carbon footprint.

This month our monthly networking event will have a sustainability focus with expert advice from Ewen Anderson of Px3 and David Chapman, Climate Reality Leader.

Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2023 17:00 – 18:30 BST

Free tickets here: https://warwickinnovationdistrict.com/event-calendar/

We recently talked to Ewen and David about their informative event taking place this week.

Watch the video below:

Read the interview here:

Ewen: So, at the event, what we’re going to do, myself and David, is talk through the issues about sustainability, what organisations can do to measure and reduce their carbon footprint and give some simple strategies, that they can adopt to help move them toward their Net Zero and climate emergency strategies.

David: I think this is an event for everyone, students especially. I think they will find this event very engaging, learning about, not only what they can do if they’re setting up a business, or running a business at the moment – but also through learning what businesses are currently wanting and demanding from them, as employees, and also what you can bring to any future business – as a green jobs person.

Ewen: As an organisation we’ve assessed more than 5 million devices now, across 164 different countries – so we’d like to think that we’re bringing a wealth of experience to the event, that organisations can draw from and we’ll also be sharing links to free tools that they can use to help them establish their own carbon footprint, and then obviously make a plan to reduce that in the future.