Exciting news from the world of creativity and digital innovation!

Creative Futures is delighted to announce the arrival of its sixth cohort at 1 Mill Street. This group of talented and passionate entrepreneurs is poised to make waves with their groundbreaking ventures.

Creative Futures, with its comprehensive six-month incubator program, gives these ambitious entrepreneurs a platform to thrive. From business advice and mentoring to tailored support packages and access to experts and mentors from the University of Warwick, they will have the necessary resources to propel their journey forward.

Beyond business support, Creative Futures fosters a sense of community and collaboration. The cohort members will enjoy the vibrant co-working space at 1 Mill Street, facilitating connections with like-minded peers and the opportunity to exchange ideas. Additionally, the program offers engaging learning experiences through workshops, events, and more.

 Meet the exceptional start-ups joining the Creative Futures family: 

Profitable Clicks  

Meet Profitable Clicks, a boutique Google Ads agency obsessed with helping businesses generate valuable clicks that drive growth. Their expertise lies in Google Ads, and they pride themselves on delivering clear, honest, and effective campaign management. If you’re in need of top-notch Google Ads support, they’re the experts you’ve been looking for.

BRAID Digital Media  

BRAID digital media is a digital production company specializing in high-impact storytelling and delivering impressive production value. With their focus on creating compelling products, they empower clients to tell their stories in the most captivating way possible. Get ready to be amazed by their creative and technical prowess.

Good Afternoon  

Good Afternoon is a boutique creative agency that offers design and creative direction for digital, audiovisual, and interactive experiences, particularly within the heritage and brand sectors. Additionally, they provide consultancy services on contemporary videogame design and culture, serving the heritage, brand, and public sectors. Their expertise spans a range of creative needs.

Tribe Business Coaching  

Led by a qualified Change Management Practitioner, Tribe Business Coaching is passionate about helping businesses thrive. Their partnership approach aims to design and implement people-centric changes that yield lasting benefits and foster strong organizational health. If you’re seeking guidance to unlock your business’s potential, look no further.

Cooks House Interiors 

Cooks House Interiors, based in Warwickshire, specializes in transforming houses into homes. This interior design and styling business aims to help people rediscover their love for their homes. By infusing spaces with personality and creating stylish yet functional environments, they bring joy and warmth to homeowners.

To learn more about Creative Futures, visit our website at https://warwickinnovationdistrict.com/creative-futures/incubator/ or reach out to creativeanddigital@warwick.ac.uk .