Warwick Enterprise helps students and alumni create their own path, offering support to start their entrepreneurial journey.

We talked to Warwick students who are currently benefitting from business support for their start-ups.

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Bruno Moore

My name is Bruno Moore – I’m a second year studying Economics at Warwick. I’ve been working on my brand for the past year, but funding is the main issue, and the Lord Roots Fund has helped me to actualise it and bring it to life.

I think the ability to network and meet people who bring different ideas and different approaches that I wouldn’t have thought of myself, is a big help that Enterprise has helped me. So part of the Pathway Program, I met a lot of people with similar ideas and aspirations, and it’s been helpful to just speak with them and get new perspectives about my about my venture.

If you have an idea and you believe in it and you have the drive to make it a success, then Enterprise can help you do that.

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Get help to test your ideas or projects to see if they can be a viable start up or other venture. Access a range of opportunities, media and tools that will give you a deeper learning of entrepreneurship.

Purvi Agarwal

My name is Purvi Agarwal and I’m currently a final year student at Warwick Business School studying BSE in Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

So I think last year one of my friends recommended Warwick Enterprise as a platform where they provide mentorship to all the students regarding their ventures. Warwick Enterprise has been a big major part of it because they have helped me identify what’s my USP – because I think that this is one of the biggest things that we as students need to understand.

There’s so many students out there right now at Warwick itself, who have their own really good start-ups, but they don’t know how they’re differentiating themselves from other competitors – so that’s something that they helped me identify. What was my USP, and how I need to leverage that USP in order to market my entire service that I provide.

I think one of the biggest things that Enterprise has helped me with is – just do it. You have a great idea, all you need to do is work on it, so start somewhere, even if you fail, you’re going to learn a lot.

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Talk with the team to progress your entrepreneurial skills and launch your own venture. Access space, events, networking and help for starting up or growing your business.

Tiarnan Currán-Feeney & Liam Cox

Hi I’m Tiarnán and I’m a recent graduate at the University, I graduated back in July. So our business is a vegan chocolate company – we focus on white chocolates and milk chocolates and we’re looking at creating flavours that actually taste good, compared to what’s currently available on the market.

My name is Liam part of Tilliams Chocolates. Warwick Enterprise gave us some really important information and support both verbally and financially, which has helped us with some advice in getting better equipment and how to launch our business.

I think as much as being able to support you financially the reality is you get a huge confidence boost whenever you do reach out and you get someone who’s able to reassure you, that your idea actually is viable and what you want to do is something that’s a good idea. Because while it’s still in your head there’s always that self-doubt of – yes, I think that’s great, but I’m biased and I don’t know for sure if it actually is something that anyone would be interested in.

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