Invigorating Innovation at Warwick 

Welcome to Innovation 2023, Warwick Enterprise’s flagship campaign, supporting academic departments to develop innovation in their curricula. 

In 2022 we worked with 27 academic departments, helping to create activities that engaged students, shaped new practice, and allowed staff to explore alternative ideas and approaches. 

Innovation 2023 will continue this work, offering funding and support to all academic departments so that they develop activities, explore practices, or empower students. 

The Opportunity:  

Warwick Enterprise has up to £1,000 for each academic department, we can also provide support to help create, shape, and deliver projects. 

The funds can be used in a number of ways, examples include:  

  • Developing modules and/or programmes; 
  • Creating an activity, event, or task; 
  • Paying guest speakers or temporary staff; 
  • Purchasing materials, software, or hardware; 
  • Engaging with student societies; 
  • Funding a trip or visit; 
  • Bursaries; or 
  • Staff training and development. 

Our aim is that this funding encourages academics to try something new and exciting, to take a risk, explore an idea, and see if these can become part of normal practice. 

We encourage staff to consider notions of interdisciplinarity, and sustainable development in their expressions of interest.

Ideas can be delivered through a variety of methods including (but not limited to) in-person, on-line, or blended. 

How do we Engage? 

To qualify for funding, interested staff will need to submit an expression of interest by the Spring Term. Once agreed, the activity will need to take place in the 2022/23 academic year. 

On completion, funded ideas will need to complete a short review detailing the outcomes of the activity, how it could be developed, any key learning points, and how it might be embedded into practice more generally. 


While we will consider any idea, our preference is for projects which consider how Innovation 2023 support could be used as a launchpad for further, sustainable activity, or as proof-of-concept funding to make a case for additional support. 

What next? 

If you have an idea, please contact Matt Rogers-Draycott our Innovation Curriculum Developer, to discuss next steps. Matt will also be reaching out to colleagues across the university over the next few months to promote the opportunity. 

For more about the support available through Warwick Enterprise click here:

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