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Deep Tech Is more than AI – Using data science, artificial intelligence, new materials and emerging technologies, Deep Tech offers scientific, engineering and technological solutions in every sector of the economy – reducing costs, resources, and environmental impact, and contributing to a healthier society.

The Deep Tech Innovation Centre, at the University of Warwick offer a free business support programme, part time and open to all innovators, whether you are part of the university or external – You can apply for support today!

The next cohort starts October 2022. Deadline 30th September 2022!

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Deep Tech Innovation Centre Entrepreneurs Video – Watch some of our expert speakers sharing their own experiences and offering some great start-up advice below…

Deep Tech Speakers Video – Watch our experts offering their advice.

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Ross Target, Managing Director, Code Kingdoms: Most challenges, when you really boil them down, our people. Either you haven’t got enough, or the people you’ve got can’t execute on this new strategy because you’re growing quite fast.

Tom Castle, Strategy Principal, Futurice: Not talk technology, but talk about the problems it was going to solve, and think about how they would work in the culture. I think that was probably the critical one for me.

Ben Brabyn, Founder, Amitypath: To win their heart by sharing your values, your purpose, by articulating a compelling mission, by winning the support of the people around them, not the specialists, but the generalists, the population.

Tom Castle: One of the things that can be quite valuable is understanding at what levels people have got the ability to invest.

Thomas Averre, Director, Tarleton Communications: It’s challenging to do because you don’t want the sort of spray and pray attitude of let’s advertise and do all of this. You want the sort of marketing pin prick rather than the sledgehammer, and you want to go after where your audience is.

Mevan Pieris, Business Pivot Consultant: It depends on what kind of tech it is, but once you’re confident that your tech is going to work, you’re actually pretty much better off shouting about it, or making that first social media post. which is dated. Today, you know, you take a selfie or it did not happen. If you don’t get it out there it doesn’t exist.

Jamie McFarlane, CEO, Creator Fund: We know that quite a few of the companies that we back are not going to work out. They’re going to go to zero, they’re not going to succeed, and that is OK as long as a few of the companies we back are massive successes.

Ross Target: Serendipity is a big thing when it comes to investing, some of my long-term board members come from like a single introduction, from another single introduction, and from another single introduction.

Alex Toft, Minerva Business Angel Network: We’re the only university to have an Angel Network, and so, you know, leverage it, use us, chat to us, talk to us. You can get access to me, you know, I mean these are all the advantages people don’t realise.

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