Minerva Educational Series – The Term Sheet

A series of online events for anyone interested in becoming an investor. Through the series you will get chance to chat to experts, experienced investors and academics on being an angel investor. 

Date: Friday 16th September 2022, 09:00 – 10:00 BST

About this event

In support of Minerva Birmingham PitchUp and to encourage greater engagement between our local successful business people with our local entrepreneurs we a running familiarisation program for those interested in finding out more about investing in our high growth start-ups and scale ups . This is the second webinar in a series of 8 covering the important aspect of Term Sheets and Shareholder agreements.

We aim to break the myth on type, age profile, investment levels and what is actually an angel investor.

Term Sheet

The objective of this session is to introduce potential angels to:

1. What is a term sheet & what to look for in one

2. What is a shareholders’ agreement

3. What to look for in such an agreement e.g. preference shares, tag along, pre-emption rights

4. What important phraseology the investor needs to be aware of

5. Any do’s & Don’ts

6. Q&A

If you miss the event, it will be recorded and made available if required.

More about Minerva Business Angels here: https://minerva.uk.net/