The Deep Tech Innovation Centre helps accelerate your Start-up

Article by Professor Andy Pardoe, Executive Chair, Deep Tech Innovation Centre

One of the most innovative industries is financial services, from the early days that saw the stock exchanges being computerised, to the examples of high frequency trading and straight-through-processing, the banking and insurance sectors have been at the forefront of applying innovative technologies to improve efficiency and customer experience.

More recent examples include the adoption of robotic process automation and machine learning for data analytics and customer insights. The industry is always changing due to the dynamic regulatory landscape and the need to find service differentiation and excellence.

This has created a strong ecosystem of start-ups around financial centres. The UK fintech sector is one of the strongest and most innovative in the world. As technology gets more complex and the use of advances like AI, Machine Learning and Blockchain, we see a more research focused element to fintech start-ups. This is happening in other sectors too and has created the specialist term of “Deep Tech” – those companies that are significantly research lead.

At University of Warwick we have the perfect accelerator programme and support network for fintech start-ups. The Deep Tech Innovation Centre provides the focus on the technology and business development, while the Gillmore Centre provides excellence in Financial Services research and innovation.

The Gillmore Centre for Financial Technology is to conduct world-class, cutting-edge research at the intersection of finance and technology. The Centre engages in research exploring the transformative impact of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, mobile payments, cryptocurrencies and crowdfunding platforms on financial activities.

The Deep Tech Innovation Centre supports students, researchers, alumni & start-up companies to explore the commercial potential of their innovations in areas ranging from Advanced Materials and Biotechnology to Blockchain, Quantum Computing and Robotics.

We have an accelerator programme for Deep Tech and FinTech companies. Starting in October, it is part-time, free and provides a range of training and support for founders. While our focus is on Warwick students and alumni, we are open to everyone based in the UK.

For more information check out our website and apply today.

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