We’re excited to announce that we’re joining forces with myNexus Entrepreneur Skills Index to provide fun, innovative and free entrepreneurial insight and support.

Explore the skills and traits of a successful entrepreneur and whether you have them.

The Entrepreneur Skills Index helps you discover your entrepreneurial skills and traits. With something for every type of business owner, learn what skills and traits to hone on your journey as an entrepreneur.

Fun and deceptively simple, the free-to-play ESI game is an engaging and challenging way to find out what bearing your personality has on your potential. Play the business simulation that reveals your true self.

Designed to be played in short bursts when it suits you. Set-up your very own coffee start-up with £50,000 in the bank and try to last longer than five years. There are over one quadrillion different ways to play.

How does it help you improve?

Being an entrepreneur can be challenging, which is why myNexus created their fun and deceptively simple ESI game. They wanted to make it easy for you to understand your entrepreneurial skills, and find out what type of entrepreneur you are. 

The ESI game is a fun and engaging business simulator with a difference, every action you take impacts your personalised Skills Index analysis. Analysing 9 different traits and skills, providing two underpinning index scores and an overall Entrepreneur type.

The free-to-play ESI is a deceptively simple game, where you launch your very own coffee shop with limitless possibilities – can you create a profitable coffee empire?

The ESI game is for anyone who wishes to discover their true self. You may be a hidden entrepreneur, or an experienced leader wishing to really discover your strengths and weaknesses.

Whoever you are, the ESI game uses scientifically validated psychometrics to analyse your decisions, providing an unbiased analysis of your entrepreneurship – you may surprise yourself!

The game is designed to be played in short bursts, whenever and wherever it suits you.

You start the game with an initial £50K to build your very own coffee business. From there on you get to decide where to base your coffee shop, if you want to perform market research and enter your brand name.

Once you’ve set-up your business, it’s all down to you; you need to source suppliers, build up a product menu, hire staff and perform marketing. As well as react to scenarios throughout the game which impact your business – for better or worse.

For more click here: https://joinmynexus.com/intelligence/esi-game

Photo credit: Christina – Women in Tech