Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? Looking to meet others who want to create a start-up?

The Start-up Salon is a voluntary, student led initiative by students of the IAE cohort of Warwick Manufacturing Group, as well as students from other departments including Warwick Business School.

It’s primarily a knowledge sharing event series that happens bi-weekly, featuring speakers with business management experience and exposure to the start-up ecosystem. With workshops and hackathons.

We spoke to one of the organisers Mevan Peiris to find out what you gain from the sessions. Click on the video below.

Start-up Salon, Mevan Peiris

More about the Salon

Inspired by the traditional French concept of “Salon” where people would gather to listen, learn and discuss intellectual topics.

Ideally featuring 1 (or max 2) speakers, on 1 identified topic per session.

> 30 minute open, interactive conversation (with the lead speaker & moderator)
> 30 minute Q&A (texted in before and filtered)
> 30 minute networking session (with some food & drink)

To find out more and to register for the next session, go to: