Job: Cell Biology & Assay Development Scientist

Location: University of Warwick
Employment type: Full-time (flexible) with some home working
Compensation: Competitive at £30,000-£40,000, subject to experience level and negotiation.
Applications will close when sufficient submissions have been received, or by midnight on the 4th May 2022

About NanoSyrinx

NanoSyrinx is leveraging naturally occurring, protein ‘nanosyringes’, to encapsulate and deliver therapeutic payloads in a cell specific manner, with nano-scale accuracy.

We are building upon our excellent in-house team by bringing in an additional cell culture and assay development scientist. We have big ambitions and an exciting journey ahead of us.

Role Missions

We are looking to hire an experienced Cell Biology and Assay Development Scientist who understands assay design and is technically skilled in performing optimised assays. The assays aim to assess and quantify ‘targetability’ of our nanosyringe technology, the functionality of the drug payloads and the nanosyringes themselves, and to demonstrate new and inventive applications of the technology.

What you need to succeed

As a Cell Biology and Assay Development Scientist, you will play an important part of the analytical and translational research efforts within NanoSyrinx. You will play a key role in designing and performing human-relevant cell models and assays, and protein-based plate assays, for a variety of platform implementations across therapeutic and cell engineering applications. You will be expected to deliver routine assay support for materials being produced by other members of the team. Ideally, you will bring creative and actionable ideas for new and improved methods/assays to evaluate new cell surface targets and novel payloads.

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