What does 2022 hold for you and your business?

Could you do with some free extra support and a dedicated space to operate? We are looking for the next FIVE early-stage businesses to join our Creative Futures incubator.

Open to any creative start-ups in the West Midlands, this offers a unique opportunity to join a collaborative community at 1 Mill Street and access support from University of Warwick experts.

Closing Date: 1st February 2022, 5pm

We hooked up with Erin & Bill from DRM Clothing recently to find out how they benefited.

Read the article below:

Hi I’m Erin and I’m Bill and we run DRM, which is a clothing brand that raises awareness for mental health. Typically the day-to-day running of DRM it’s just me and Bill in our little home office, working away at things but being in this environment, you’re just surrounded by so many other like-minded individuals.

It’s just like a really inspiring place to be, it doesn’t feel like coming to work in a negative sense and we really benefit from some skills that we don’t necessarily possess, we can ask other people for help, or to teach us, or we can swap skills – We can do something for them and they might be able to help us with something that we struggle with – working on our business plan, thinking about the future, forward planning.

From the outset it might look a little bit scary, like you’re coming into this new place, everyone’s sat in here, but everyone’s been so friendly. As soon as you walk through the door and you meet all the cohorts, because at the end of the day it’s still business and it’s is competition, but everyone’s here to help, and guide you where you need to go, so you feel totally at home.

What have you benefited most from the incubator?

It’s nurturing, that’s probably the best word and that’s exactly what I think all businesses need, it doesn’t matter if you’re a massive business or a small business, everyone’s always still trying to grow and help each other and in this environment we’re with businesses that are all at different points on their business timeline. They might be just starting out, or they might be quite stable established businesses, but regardless of that, it’s just a great place for us to be.

Creative Futures Incubator

We offer an exciting opportunity for any early-stage and start-up to develop entrepreneurial skills, test and launch their creative & digital business from 1 Mill Street in Leamington Spa. 

More about Creative Futures here: https://warwickinnovationdistrict.com/creative-futures/