The West Midlands Health and Wellbeing Innovation Network is a partnership between the University of Warwick, University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire and Bruntwood Sci Tech.

This newly formed partnership aims to discover businesses that solve real healthcare challenges and guide them through the development process. Participating businesses will have the chance to collaborate directly with challenge holders at the hospital and have innovation and business support from Warwick University and Bruntwood SciTech.

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Wendy Coy, Director of Operations for the Warwick Innovation Group at the University of Warwick said: “We are so pleased to welcome Sam Alsop-Hall and Josh Dale to the team. Bruntwood Sci Tech, University Hospitals Coventry & Warwickshire, and the University have developed a fantastic partnership, which, supported by West Midlands Combined Authority will improve both the health of the region, and support our economic development through this network of activities. Josh and Sam will use their extensive experience and expertise to work with groups of innovators to make their products and services the best they can possibly be and ready for delivery into health organisations.”

Josh Dale, (WMHWIN) Innovation Manager


Josh Dale, Innovation Manager said: “I’m incredibly pleased to have joined the University of Warwick to lead the West Midlands Health and Wellbeing Innovation Network.”

“The network is an opportunity for cross sector collaboration that will make a real difference to patient outcomes. Health and wellbeing are so interlinked with many conditions requiring a combination of lifestyle change, monitoring, pharmaceutical intervention and holistic care. A network approach to innovation in the sector compliments this need for interoperability.”

“The WMHWIN is a perfect platform for this network as it is a confluence of real-world use cases from the front lines of healthcare at University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire combined with the research excellence of the University of Warwick and the business acumen of the Bruntwood Sci Tech team. This means that the programme can be uniquely demand-led which ensures that participating businesses have the opportunity to collaborate with UHCW as a potential customer, which ultimately increases the chance of success.”

“The business support and R&D support that Bruntwood and the University of Warwick provides will ensure that the cohort develop products in a way that minimises waste and proves the concept, as well as helping to plot a roadmap and strategy to execute. It’s my vision that the network develops into an ecosystem that perpetuates innovation with the flow of resource and value at the core.”


“I have over 10 years experience as an innovation manager in industries as diverse as automotive, advertising, leisure, transport and health. However, the Covid-19 pandemic showed me that now is the right time to focus on healthcare to ensure that the industry can perpetuate the innovation that has been catalysed during the past year.”

“I have done many of the core roles as an innovation manager from; developing and iterating digital products, through to enabling smaller businesses to collaborate with large corporates and designing innovation ecosystems. Much of this experience was incubated right here in the Midlands and as such I’ve built a strong network of innovators and I’ve contributed to the development of the regional innovation strategy.  I will bring these skills to the West Midlands Health and Wellbeing Innovation Network to help the participants to develop the right solutions, in the right way that will create a collaborative network of businesses and lead to better patient experiences.”

Sam Alsop-Hall, (WMHWIN) Entrepreneur in Residence


Based in Shropshire with his wife and two daughters, Sam has often been described as a “natural born” or “serial” entrepreneur.

Sam Alsop-Hall said: “I have a current portfolio of five SME businesses, all of which were established and profitable before the age of 30. My current portfolio now has a combined turnover of more than £10m per annum recurring revenue and continues to grow rapidly and sustainably. I’m a self-confessed “geek” with a passion for innovation, and have worked as an advisor for several pioneering Health Technology companies & start-ups, I’m also an SEIS/EIS focused social impact investor, which I enjoy alongside my role as Regional Chair for one of the UKs oldest children’s charities.”

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Discovery Session Free Webinar

Discover some of the biggest challenges that are facing the NHS today and how innovation and your business could help to solve them.

About the Webinar

During this webinar you’ll get the chance to hear first hand the detail about each of the four challenge areas that we are looking to solve as part of this programme directly from stakeholders in the NHS. You’ll also hear about the structure of the programme and how the University of Warwick and Bruntwood Sci Tech will support you adapt, design or implement your solution and prepare a business strategy to support this.

Who is speaking?

Katharine Fuller – Head of Innovation at Bruntwood Sci Tech
Lucy Gilbert – Innovation Manager at University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire
Josh Dale – (WMHWIN) Innovation Manager
Sam Alsopp-Hall – (WMHWIN) Entrepreneur in Residence

Who should attend?

– Anyone who is interested in being part of the wider network in support capacities such as mentors and advisors
– Businesses that are interested in applying for the programme
– People who are generally interested in health tech and creating an innovative healthcare system