Congratulations to Blunt & Brave a member of the Creative Futures incubator based at 1 Mill Street.

Blunt & Brave is a multi-disciplinary, Warwickshire based, brand and content agency created to nurture sustainable and socially-conscious brands with bold aspirations and a big thirst to grow. We are extremely excited to announce that we have been selected as a Creative Services Preferred Supplier for the UK City of Culture 2021! And as the current title belongs to Coventry, this makes us extremely honoured and proud to be supporting our local creative and cultural sector during such a momentous time in the city’s history.

So what exactly is The UK City of Culture?

Built upon Liverpool’s success as European Capital of Culture 2008, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), has created a UK specific initiative, allowing the UK cities to bid for the title of the UK City of Culture, every 5 years. After the successful celebration of the previous title holder which belonged to Hull (2017), the 2021 bid has been won by Coventry.

What does being a Preferred Supplier mean for Blunt & Brave?

“For us, being Coventry City of Culture 2021’s supplier goes beyond producing engaging digital content. It gives us an opportunity to work closely with the City of Culture Trust’s team and share our creative vision that helps to feed and contribute to the digital profile and legacy of the city.

We are able to achieve this by working collaboratively with the Trust’s team as well as its wide network of specialists who fully understand the city’s creative and cultural infrastructure. This helps us reach out and work directly with communities across the city in order to produce work that is fully reflective of their autonomy.”

Impact so far

Since the beginning of our relationship with the Coventry City of Culture Trust we have collected and shot over 30 hours of footage, created over 100 assets and produced 20 minutes of published footage equating to the city wide reach.

Our most recent involvement helped the trust to inaugurate the start of the City of Culture Year with a campaign video for the Coventry Moves Together musical premiere. A multi-channel, city-wide, sonic piece written and created by composer Dan Jones. Our team has conceptualised, storyboarded, planned, and shot a one-minute video with an aim to invite local residents to take part in this historic moment. The event saw local radios, residents and businesses across the entire city unite in an eight-minute stream that was played aloud by people outside their doorsteps and gardens.

What’s next for Blunt & Brave?

With the city-wide, year-long calendar of events happening across the city, we are looking forward to continuing to collaboratively work with the trust and city’s communities on bringing more exciting and impactful content that documents the celebrations and the impact that is yet to come. Watch this space!

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