Hosted by the University of Gothenburg, there will also be some great networking opportunities for everyone, and even a few fun activities planned.

What is EUTOPIA?

EUTOPIA is an ambitious alliance of six like-minded European universities building a unique and daring alliance of transformative and engaged institutions. Providing opportunities for students and staff alike, from undergraduate through post doc, and for researchers, teachers, technical and administrative staff. Producing challenge-driven research and teaching, preparing empowered European graduates, championing regional and international involvement, supporting diversity, inclusivity and widening citizenship.

The full programme, plus information on the speakers and on how to register, will be published shortly.


Each day is loosely built around a theme, and each theme is a building block of the EUTOPIA Alliance. Except for Friday, the sessions described here are open to anyone interested.

  •  Monday 12th April is all about inclusion, and everyone is welcome. We start the EUTOPIA Week journey with our opening ceremony from 10:00am – 11:00am. In the afternoon, we’ll talk about inclusion in higher education and adapting the system to the students.
  • Tuesday 13th April is all about education. In the morning, you can learn about EUTOPIA’s innovative education model. In the afternoon, the EUTOPIA student forum will discuss the student vision for EUTOPIA; if you are a student, this is for you. Tuesday afternoon is the first of two half-day workshops on university autonomy and integrity, and is part of a regional collaboration between EUTOPIA and institutions in the Western Balkans. The second session will be on Wednesday morning.
  • Wednesday 14th April highlights local and global cooperation. Are you a student and wonder why you should be a part of EUTOPIA? Then come to a lively roundtable between students and professionals who will explore the benefits and synergies international networks such as EUTOPIA can provide. Is digitization of the societal role of journalism an example of creative destruction, or just destruction? This is the question being raised in Wednesday’s afternoon session.
  • Thursday 15th April puts research in focus. We’ll be taking up links between education and research and have two sessions related to sustainability issues. Are you a researcher and wonder what the EUTOPIA partnership network may have to offer you? Then come to our afternoon session for researchers to learn about opportunities available through EUTOPIA.

Most of our sessions include a mix of students, academics and non-academics in a variety of roles. Some of the sessions mentioned are being organised or led by students. Throughout the week, you’ll also see that EUTOPIA’s collaborations extend beyond the academic world, and even beyond Europe.