Midlands Innovation Immunology Network (MIIN) would like to invite you our virtual launch event – The MIIN COVID-19 Research Showcase.

Photo credit: Fusion Medical Animation

About this event

We aim to highlight and discuss the latest academic, clinical and industrial immunological research that has taken place within the region relating to SARS-CoV-2, as well as bringing in key colleagues from across the UK. Focused upon the following four key theme, the event is open to all (including students) and will provide time to network with both speakers and attendees.

The agenda

13:00-13:10: Welcome and introduction to MIIN
13:10-14:00: Session 1: Antibody Measurement
14:00-14:50: Session 2: Cell-mediated Immune Responses
20 min break
15:10-15:45: Session 3: Vaccine Development
15:45-16:20: Session 4: Systemic Immune responses
16:20-17:00: Scientific Discussion (split into 4 sessions)

About Midlands Innovation Health

MI Health is a world-class research and innovation partnership, combining the Medical strengths of 7 research intensive universities based in the Midlands. The partnership unites university research with the unique strengths of Midlands industry, within a joint academic-NHS innovation environment, to drive cutting-edge research, collaboration and skills development.

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