Y Combinator, one of Silicon Valley’s leading start-up accelerators, and Creator Fund, Europe’s largest student-run VC firm, collaborate to host a biotech-focused fireside chat

Free Webinar and Q&A

Hosted by Creator Fund, during the chat YC partner and cofounder of Scribd, Jared Friedman will offer his advice on issues common to biotech founders such as building your team and helping to get funding. YC alumni and UK biotech start-up Ochre Bio, will also be attending to give their perspective based on their experience. Attendees will also have the opportunity to ask Jared questions.

How to spin your research into a start-up? By Jared Friedman

Who are Y Combinator?

Based in Silicon Valley, Y Combinator is one of the world’s leading start-up accelerators. In fact, one could argue they invented the concept of start-up accelerators. YC participants over the years include AirBnB, Dropbox, Doordash, and 17 other companies who achieved a $1bn valuation. YC has invested in over 250 biotech start-ups.

Who are Creator Fund?

Creator Fund is Europe’s leading investor in university-based startups. CF has teams across 28 campuses and invests up to £150k in student and academic founders. Based on the Dorm Room Fund model, It has been backed by Schmidt Futures, Founders Factory, and 40+ investors and entrepreneurs.