How Vision, Mission & Values can help your business to grow!

A practical webinar for owner/managers of growing businesses who need to communicate business direction to others in a more formal way

This workshop explains what Vision, Mission and Values are, including real-world examples, so that you walk away with an understanding of how they can support your growing business. As a seasoned market strategy specialist with many years of practical experience in B2B technology businesses – there is no-one better placed to help you to get to grips with these concepts and put them to practical use in your business.


  • Introduction to Vision, Mission and Values, and how they fit with your business goals.
  • Do I really need all of that? A discussion on Vision and Mission and practical examples.
  • An opportunity to work on your own business’s Vision and Mission
  • Motherhood and apple pie? How to ensure your values are not meaningless.

This interactive and hands-on workshop will provide you with an understanding of what is meant by Vision, Mission and Values, how the fit together with your business goals, and how to use them to support your business’s development.

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