500 innovators at Leamington Spa’s 1 Mill Street thanks to University of Warwick, BT & Warwickshire County Council

Ten new businesses will be the first to benefit from a new Creative Futures Incubator in Leamington Spa’s Creative District that will help those businesses become part of the UK’s largest creative cluster outside Greater London. The project, which will also work with 500 innovators, will help business teams develop their entrepreneurial skills, test, launch and pitch their business ideas, and get 6 months of free space and support to develop their creative enterprises in 1 Mill Street in Leamington Spa.  

Common Story
| Content creation, telling great stories through films and documentaries.

| A social enterprise initiative, Icycle is on a journey to promote eyewear produced via communal plastic recycling.

The University of Warwick is focused on uncovering endless possibilities. For our students. For our academics. For the world. For more about the Creative Futures Incubator and the exciting opportunities available to you, please click below.

Creative Futures Incubator

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